Trainline or Raileasy – Which One Offers Me The Best Blend of Cheap, Authentic Tickets, and Reliability?


Travelling by trains is the easiest yet most confusing task in the UK. You need to be well versed with your travel plans, ticket bookings and station information to make your travel across the country a seamless one. Needless to say, its not much of a worry for the residents out there, but the tourists need to be very careful and confident about their destinations and departures.

There are many online travel booking platforms where you can avail train tickets to your destination. The rail network in UK is widespread and webs across the length and breadth of the country. Popular online ticket booking agents include – Trainline, GoEuro, Raileasy, MyTrainTicket etc. There are more than 25 train operators like Virgin Trains, CrossCountry, Hull trains etc. that serve the rail network in the UK, but all of them operate under the umbrella of National Rail. National Rail – online available as, is the governing and controlling body for these rail service providers.

This article will focus on two online travel booking companies – Raileasy and Trainline. Both the online travel booking platforms are accredited by National Rail.

Raileasy – The Ultimate Destination for Pointed Information on Train Tickets OR Trainline – A Simple and User Friendly Website

Raileasy’s website is exhaustive and gives to-the-point information on train tickets, cheap train tickets, cheap fare finder and array of services provided by it.

The Trainline website is simpler to browse through. The portal also throws ample light on the destination you are intending to travel. For instance, if you click – ‘Trains to Birmingham – the window will open train operators information, departure timings along with information on Birmingham City which comes very useful and handy to you as a tourist.

Trainline clearly comes across with its aim of becoming the best travellers App for making bookings for trains, and other peripheral services like hotels, flights, car rentals etc. Raileasy, however, aims to offer you the cheapest train tickets possible across the web. However, Raileasy also allows you to browse through the list of other services you might want – like hotels, ferries and car hire.

It is absolutely subjective that is only cheap fares your concern? Or you want additional services from the travel booking website? For example, if I choose to travel Birmingham New Street Station from London Bridge, the Raileasy website shows standard single person tariff of £ 11, while Trainline shows £ 14. But, Trainline website gives information (exactly what I asked for) in a simpler way and its mobile app is convenient to book the tickets on the go. On the other hand, Raileasy does not show what exactly I looked for, but similar to what I searched for.

Raileasy offers you a very convenient service of collecting your train tickets at the time of departure. You can just book your tickets and collect them from any National Rail station by showing your reference number and credit/ debit card used for booking. Meanwhile, the Trainline website extends tools like ‘journey planner’ (that helps you to plan and book your next trip), handy ticket alert tool (notifies you when advance tickets are up for sale) and mobile friendly app (makes sure that you catch your booked train on the day of travel) help you immensely.

Which One to Choose?

It is a little difficult to draw comparisons between the two websites as to which one offers the perfect blend of cheap tickets and reliability to a user. Both the platforms’ accreditation to National Rail does not put question to their offerings’ authenticity and reliability. The tickets on these platforms are genuine and valid in all the good means. They offer a secure web interface for you to plan your travel according to your requirements and budget.

So, it would be recommended that you compare the two websites’ fares and other information before booking the tickets to meet your exact requirements.

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